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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 6.24.14

sturdy ‘meow’ canvas shopper by invisiblecrown

i love this tote … crazy cat ladies unite!! meow.

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 6.5.14

theme thursday: home decor

welcome home shelf with twine kitty scratch post by the9life

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 5.30.14

large hideout log tunnel for kitties by saysculptures

etsyfindoftheday | 5.11.14

happy happy mother’s day to all the rad mamas out there! at this point i am a loving cat mom, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. lots of hugs to all the moms celebrating today — none of us would be here without you fine ladies!! <3

featured etsy find: cat mom card by jdeluce

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.28.14

cat pot by mirubrugmann

sooooo cute. this colorful ceramic kitty doubles as a pot for your favorite plant. glazed and glossy, this little cat pot is sure to make you smile on the greyest of days.

etsy find of the day | 4.19.14

whimsical kitty cat cake topper by mermaidtoorder

today is a special day in my house, because it’s my kitties’ birthdays today!! grizzy is turning 5 and roger is turning 3 — and when i saw this too-cute-for-words kitty cake topper, i knew i had to save it for april 19th!! happy happy birthday, furry buddies <3 i love you!

etsy find of the day | 4.12.14

STEAL OF THE WEEK: cat video director button by helloquiettiger

want. nay … NEED. and for just $1.25, i can get more little buttons as a little surprise for all my fellow cat ladies <3

etsyfindoftheday | 4.5.14

STEAL OF THE WEEK: cat badge pinback buttons, set of 4 by thenosuchdisco

meow … love these colorful and quirky buttons from thenosuchdisco, a total steal at under $6 bucks for your choice of 4!!

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsy find of the day 2 | 2.28.14

severed dragon tail catnip toy by lifewithtigers

my two kitties, grizz and roger, just LOVE their severed leg catnip toy from lifewithtigers … and now, this shop sells severed dragon tail toys!! perfect for the feline who is also a george r. r. martin fan ;) your furry friend will love to bite and kick this super fun toy!

etsyfindoftheday | BEDROOM/DORM IDEAS | 2.11.14

cat nap pillowcase set by xenotees

etsyfindoftheday | SPECIAL FEATURE | 2.8.14

featured shops:

a few more etsy-purchased details to share with you — ‘r + k’ stickers from woodandgrain; wedding-themed catnip toys for their kitty, scouty, from kanga23, and a gift for juval, who did a reading at their intimate elopement ceremony — a sweet leather six-pack tote from steampunkstewie AND a cast-iron bottle opener from smwp!

i have a few more pics for you to enjoy, coming right up.

all photos:
Copyright © Mike Olbinski Photography

etsy find of the day 1 | 2.5.14

white cat by ememem

hey kittyfriend!! ememem’s needle felted cat sculpture has a cute little pink nose — and you can even request a CUSTOM cat portrait! <3

etsy find of the day | 1.25.14

STEAL OF THE WEEK: cat treat - customized fish cookie cutter by namethatcookie

i just can’t get enough of namethatcookie’s varied pet cookie cutter shapes — personalize them with YOUR special buddy’s name!! this one is fish-shaped for the kitties, but check out this dog bone one for pooches, too! tons of options available.

etsy find of the day 2 | 1.21.14

cat bowl in red/brown by laurensumnerpottery

what a cute little gift for your crazy cat lady friend … or for me ;) i love small, special pottery pieces like these — they’re great for placing rings, bracelets, bobby pins, etc. in at night. this terra cotta-hued kitty dish is purr-fect.

sorry, i had to :)