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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.22.14

succulent poster by leahduncan

succulents are a love of mine, and so is the graphic, collage-illustration style of etsy artist and maker leahduncan. combine the two, and you’ve got earthy-cool … and this poster. want.

etsy find of the day 1 | 4.20.14

trippy tie dye hoodie by wildflowerdyes

today’s a special sort of holiday in SF, followers :) let’s celebrate this sunday with three hippie-licious etsy finds, starting with this black & colorful tie dyed hoodie. wildflowerdyes has all kinds of tie dyed clothing, so eat your heart out, flower children.

etsy find of the day | 4.19.14

STEAL OF THE WEEK: ‘party time’ felt garland by tastefullymismatched

another birthday shout-out to my two main fuzz buckets, grizz and roger! i love these two furry dudes more than anything, and i’d totally treat them to this steal of a felt ‘party time’ banner, since it’s just $15! happy birthday, buddies! it’ll be a party soon enough … i’m making tunacake <3

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP BLITZ | 4.16.14

shop name: pillowhead
suggested & run by: pillowhead-designs

hand-embroidered accessories — like these SUPER cute coffee and tea sleeves! — plus pillowcases, magnets, sachets and more. so cute!

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP BLITZ | 4.16.14

shop name: mayahelena
suggested by: therougemoonfey

gemstone jewelry in many styles — wire-wrapped, beaded, plain and simple — you’re sure to find something to love here!!

etsy find of the day 1 | 4.14.14

‘camp blanket’ pendleton wool pillow by robincottage

that’s it, i need a pendleton wool living room accessory STAT. robincottage’s varied pendleton pillow designs would make a fun grouping on my black sofa :) i think this stripey yakima camp blanket pattern is my favorite of them all.

etsyfindoftheday | 4.5.14

STEAL OF THE WEEK: cat badge pinback buttons, set of 4 by thenosuchdisco

meow … love these colorful and quirky buttons from thenosuchdisco, a total steal at under $6 bucks for your choice of 4!!

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 4.4.14

vintage poppies temporary tattoo by pepperink

pepperink’s temporary tats are hipster and trendy and honestly very pretty, like the featured poppy piece or this blue and white floral number.

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP | 4.2.14

shop name: jordandene
suggested & run by: jordandene

additional jordandene find: cool crayon bandoliers for your little army :)

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP | 4.2.14

shop name: lunajuneproductions
suggested & run by: unapologeticallylunajune

daphne over at lunajuneproductions has a TON of items in her shop. from beaded bracelets to trendy tiny rose earrings and adjustable rings, to woodworking items and mason jar lamps, you’re sure to find some treasures here! thanks so much for sharing it with all of us, daphne :)

featured items:
multicolored bohemian beads bracelet with hamsa charm

ivory rosebud post earrings
turquoise flat beaded bracelet

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 3.28.14

hot pink glitter hair bow by beauxoxo

beauxoxo’s hair accessories are flashy and brightly-colored — they’re sure to turn heads. get ready to sparkle with this fun and feminine magenta glitter bow! available in 31 different colors … and can we PLEASE talk about the product photography?! loving it!

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP | 3.25.14

shop name: elicasart
suggested and run by: elicas-diy

elicasart is a shop that sells unique hippie jewelry and, my favorite, textured mixed media paintings. the featured piece is a bold oil painting i can see adorning a bright white, sunlight-filled office. thanks so much for sharing your fun, colorful shop with all of us!! namaste :)

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOPS | 3.25.14

shop name: autumnintrigue
suggested and run by: jaylynn at burgundyish

super detailed and intricate, jaylynn’s hand-wired tree art/decor is really something else … unique, beautiful, and ready for gift-giving. i know i’d love to have one for myself!! thank you SO much for sharing your awesome shop!

even MORE sweet shops, suggested by you:

just a few more, coming right up!

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP | 3.25.14

shop name: squirrelsandstripes
suggested & run by: hannah at squirrelsandstripes

how RAD are these original hand-painted acrylic pieces?! hannah, i love the eclectic ikat- and kilim-style designs and fun colors in your artwork. and followers — you can request your own custom piece in colors you like best … beautiful! thanks so much for sharing with all of us here on EFOTD.

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsy find of the day 5 | 3.21.14

chocolate caramel apple pops with toppings by nicolestreats

NOM. treat yo self this weekend — with one of nicolestreats’ awesome choco-covered caramel apples!! you get to choose the toppings, from colorful sprinkles to nuts to cookie bits and more. click thru for ALL the rad options!