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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.4.14

crystal quartz point minimalist necklace by shoprarebird

let’s get right to the point, followers. the crystal quartz point :) i’d love to own this gorgeous minimal piece by the lovely shoprarebird <3

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.3.13

theme thursday: patterned finds

ceramic arrow-tail dinnerware by ebenotti

ebenotti, i’d love to own an entire set of your dishes!! this listing is for the dinner plate in the featured photo — i love the look of the two plate and bowl trio, and the hipster-y arrow tail pattern.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.3.14

theme thursday: patterned finds

'cabin fever' buffalo plaid lingerie set by ohhhlulu

be a cute ‘n sexy lumberjill in this sweet buffalo plaid bra & undies set! love the bold print, and the lacy sides and seat on the underoos :)

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.3.14

theme thursday: patterned finds

geometric wool pillow, mesa white with black by scoutandwhistle

i freaking LOVE scoutandwhistle’s wool patterned pillows — they fit so nicely with today’s theme ;) this black and white geometric one would look awesome on our black couch.

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP | 4.2.14

shop name: jordandene
suggested & run by: jordandene

additional jordandene find: cool crayon bandoliers for your little army :)

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP | 4.2.14

shop name: jordandene
suggested & run by: jordandene

this shop was SUPER fun to explore — jordandene’s wares vary from sweet aprons (like the featured bluth’s frozen banana stand ones … classic) to kid-friendly crayon bandoliers to clothing, accessories, paper goods and more. you HAVE to check them out for yourself! super fun. thanks for sharing!! <3 

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP | 4.2.14

shop name: lunajuneproductions
suggested & run by: unapologeticallylunajune

daphne over at lunajuneproductions has a TON of items in her shop. from beaded bracelets to trendy tiny rose earrings and adjustable rings, to woodworking items and mason jar lamps, you’re sure to find some treasures here! thanks so much for sharing it with all of us, daphne :)

featured items:
multicolored bohemian beads bracelet with hamsa charm

ivory rosebud post earrings
turquoise flat beaded bracelet

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP | 4.2.14

shop name: mercedesbird
suggested & run by: mercedesbird

this earthy jewelry shop was just introduced to me by a sweet follower of the same name, mercedesbird. i love the gemstone pieces sold here; the unique colors, the detailed and thoughtful pieces designed into each necklace, the care taken in naming — you can just tell how proud the seller is of their beautiful goods. awesome job, and thank you so much for sending it for all of us to enjoy!!

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.2.14

sea buckthorn & dead sea salt scrub by hartandhawthorn (formerly paperstreetlabs)

an exfoliating scrub made from sea plants & dead sea salt. this bath and body item is available either scented or unscented.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.2.14

'miri' gold metallic lace feather necklace by whiteowl

gold + lace feather + sequined product photography = i’m in love.

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.2.14

'vera cruz' amethyst & air plant piece by earthseawarrior

boho and beautiful, this natural amethyst crystal and air plant (aka tillandsia) piece would look amazing on my desk at work. want.

etsyfindoftheday 8 | 4.1.14

'under the stars' save-the-date card set by hooplalove

one final april fools day find for all of you — an incredible and beautiful save-the-date, featuring clean design and typography and a super rad gold wrap accent. i’m in love <3

etsyfindoftheday 7 | 4.1.14

'porridge' oatmeal milk bath by plumprairie

simple and gentle enough for sensitive skin, this milk bath powder will soothe and relax you as you soak. handcrafted with hints of lavender and oat.

etsyfindoftheday 6 | 4.1.14

gold nuggets & chain minimalist ring by minimalvs

chain rings are gaining popularity, not only here among etsy sellers, but in real life too! you guys know real life, remember way back when, before tumblr … ;) this minimalistic shiny piece is just what your naked finger needs. trust me.

etsyfindoftheday 5 | 4.1.14

red weave knit cap by sndct

this unisex beanie features a subtle cable-knit pattern and enough swagger to kick all your bad hair days to the curb.