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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.21.14

theme thursday: new-to-me shops

jewelry hanger with copper accents by kolbiewood

this ‘theme thursday’ is dedicated to three shops that are both new to me AND new to EFOTD — starting with kolbiewood. this shop sells really cool wooden home accessories, including planters and letters and this hipster-y jewelry holder with cool copper accents. i so want this!

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.20.14

‘havanna’ oxblood leather and hand-printed palm bag by ddsllgirlsstore

i’m loving the new styles available at ddsllgirlsstore, a longtime love of mine here on etsyfindoftheday. this hand-printed tote features a botanical palm design, rich oxblood-hued leather, and some fun tassels hanging from sturdy straps.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.20.14

no. 1968 | golden sugar maple and pearl woodland crown by ericaelizabethdesign

you guys may recall that i’ve featured ericaelizabethdesign on EFOTD in the past — i just can’t get enough of her romantic bridal accessories. i’d totally rock this crown because of the sugar maple references, which remind me of growing up in wisconsin :)

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.20.14

azalea family tree poster by evajuliet

this illustrated family tree poster would make an excellent gift for many different occasions — weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, even just because. how pretty are the azalea branches?! love.

more suggested shops!

i get a TON of suggested shops every day, followers, so thank you for sharing all of your favorites with me! i’ll do my best to check out each and every one you send, and if the vibe fits in with EFOTD, you’ll see it featured! in the meantime, be sure to check out these suggested shops, sent in by followers like you <3

  • clothstitched - colorful quilted table runners, coasters and home accessories
  • splatterlogic - abstract and splatter-painted artworks
  • zentranced - unique and earthy seashell & doodle jewelry
  • vintagerosemond - a robust vintage shop focusing mainly on women’s fashions

thanks again, everyone! have a GREAT night :)


etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP 5 | 8.19.14

featured shop: shantyirishvintage
suggested by: maggieetracy

featured items: pennant | bingo discs | towels

one more suggested shop find for you all tonight — this one is full of vintage gems :D maggieetracy suggested shantyirishvintage for their quirky finds and affordable price points, and i could not agree more. i might just have to treat myself to something from this lovely retro etsy seller!! thanks again, maggieetracy!

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP 4 | 8.19.14

featured shop: kaeq
suggested & run by: manifiori

featured item: beso balm in ‘mamey’

kaeq is a miami-based etsy shop that creates hypercolor lipsticks and balms to make your mouth stand out. thanks so much for the RAD suggestion, manifiori <3

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP 3 | 8.19.14

featured shop: corgileatherco
suggested by: salted-kisses

featured items: wallet | keychain | bracelet

longtime follower salted-kisses just introduced me to her friend’s shop, corgileatherco — and i just can’t get enough. their handmade leather goods and accessories range from clutches to wallets to jewelry and keychains. i love the minimal style, the rich, buttery leathers, and the stamped corgi and callouts to cali <3 thank you SO much for passing this shop my way, salted-kisses!!

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP 2 | 8.19.14

featured shop: hereandthereshop
suggested & run by: hereandthereshop

featured item: customized state or country print - ‘ohio’

hereandthereshop specializes in made-to-order map prints … i like these minimal state and country outline pieces, but they also have varied multi-state or multi-country versions to celebrate the bringing together of families — at weddings, adoptions, you name it! lots of fun designs, colors, fonts and patterns are available to make your print your own.

etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP 1 | 8.19.14

featured shop: papieretc
suggested & run by: abridgment

featured item: handmade recycled paper, 12-ct.

check out the handmade paper and paper goods, including stationery, signage and more at this brand-spankin’-new etsy shop from follower abridgment! papieretc has four listings right now, but i’m sure ana will be adding more fun paper products soon <3


hi guys!! we’re going to continue the fun tonight with some newly-suggested shops — all of etsy sellers featured this evening were suggested by followers like YOU, and some of them are even run by followers :) i hope you love ‘em as much as i did!

as always, if you’ve got a favorite shop you’d like to see here on EFOTD, send it my way and i’ll write it up if it fits with the etsyfindoftheday vibe. thank you for your continued excitement and support, everyone!!


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.19.14

thin bead rings by melaniecaseyjewelry

if you’re in the market for a minimal, everyday stacking ring or band that’s anything but boring, look no further than melaniecaseyjewelry’s delicate bead rings. choose from yellow, white, or rose gold in either matte or bright. rad.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.19.14

treasure chest credit card wallet by joojoobs

joojoobs is one of my go-to leather goods shops on etsy, and this detailed treasure chest-style wallet is a perfect example of the handsome, stylish products that they create. isn’t it lovely?!

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.19.14

raw amethyst slice necklace by rubyrobinboutique

i have a tall amethyst slice necklace that i absolutely love hung on a silver chain … but i don’t have a gold one yet ;) i’d love to call this gorgeous, earthy piece mine.

etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST | 8.18.14

requested by: izzyallerdyce
looking for: women’s handkerchiefs, white or maybe flowered
featured shop: wrenbirdarts <3

i know of one quality handkerchief shop right off the bat, mostly because my twin sister used them for her elopement hankie ;) wrenbirdarts makes the ubiquitous 'no ugly crying' hankies that are perfect for the weepiest of bridesmaids, but be sure to dig through all of their options for the fun, the funny, the sassy, and even the customizable! let me know if you need more ideas after perusing this list …

more upcycled/customized hankie sellers:

even more vintage handkerchief sellers:

featured wrenbirdarts hankie: no ugly crying in block print