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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 7.29.14

reusable cotton coffee filters, set of 3 by toucheefeelee1

eco-conscious coffee freaks will appreciate these reusable cotton coffee filters — they’re super affordable, too! for just $12 you get a three-pack <3 groovy.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 7.29.14

moroccan mint loose-leaf green tea blend by artfultea

enjoy a fine blend of moroccan mint and chinese green tea that’s super flavorful served hot OR iced, and is also low in caffeine!! cute product photography, too :)

I just have a quick question! The post I recently reblogged from you (you can check out my profile), had a picture of some rings on the very top. I was just wondering where I could find those rings on etsy? If you could tag them, that would be wonderful. I LOVE your tumblr by they way! So much cool stuff!

Asked by laaauraaa13

hey there!! that series of images was from a post that i wrote back in february — it was a curation request from a follower looking for suggestions on vintage jewelry shops. the pictured items were all available at the etsy shop experimentalvintage — and you’re in luck!! some of those turquoise and silver rings are still available! check them out here:

  • vintage brass chain link ring
  • geometric brass ring with round blue stone
  • delicate brass arrow ring (my fave)

this shop has more items than just jewelry — make sure you check it out before someone snaps up all your faves :)

thank you for writing in and for your awesome compliments <3 i appreciate you!!


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 7.29.14

lace & satin open-back cocktail dress by jesserowes

this sexy cocktail dress boasts two decadent fabrics — satin and lace — in rich neutral hues. i love the playfulness of the sheer black lace against the skin.

Where can you buy this ring?

hey there! i think you must be asking about the blue porcelain ring with gold edges that i posted earlier today — check it out again here. the ring was found on in gouettedeterre's shop. sadly for us, it was a one of a kind piece that has sold to a lucky buyer. but fear not!! there are a lot more gold-and-porcelain pieces to fall in love with right now <3

thanks for writing in,

etsyfindoftheday | 7.28.14

a little shout-out to bhphotos (previously featured on EFOTD here) for sending me the super rad succulents print pictured above!! brit, the talented and pretty dang gorgeous photographer behind the camera at brit higgins photography, knows just what i like :D i can’t wait to get it framed. view this image on my instagram here, too.

thanks again, brit! i love it <3

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 7.28.14

‘loire’ glazed porcelain and gold vermeil ring by gouettedeterre

this faceted, one of a kind porcelain piece features a delightful blue glaze hand-painted with gold at the edges and is perched atop a golden vermeil ring. swoon.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 7.28.14

‘hugs keep us alive’ art print by ilovedoodle

so very true … they DO keep us alive <3 this cute art print is oh so creative!

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 7.28.14

ladies’ skin care gift set by thehelloshop

a ready-made gift perfect for all your favorite ladies, this affordable and beautiful beauty set includes a soothing salve, body balm, lip balm, and soap, all 100% natural.

etsyfindoftheday | 7.27.14

bandeau swimsuit top in navy by mimihammer

this bandeau top is so flattering <3 i love the retro look of the high-waisted bottom as well.

etsyfindoftheday | 7.26.14

STEAL OF THE WEEK: tina belcher stud earrings by sleepymountain

tina belcher is my spirit animal. if you are not familiar with bob’s burgers, GET WITH IT. MEOW. tina is the freaking best :D and you can wear her face as earrings for only $9!

ps: read one of my fave tina buzzfeed articles here!

etsyfindoftheday | 7.26.14

ankle strap leather sandals in blush pink by cruponsandals

why do these pretty sandals look SO portland to me? i have only been there once, but i bet these would fit right into the city’s earthy, casual vibe. these sandals come in many color and strap options, so be sure to check ‘em all out. handmade from italian leather in bulgaria!

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 7.25.14

wedding sign: cocktail or champagne table by betteroffwed

this gilded ‘bubbly bar’ sign would fit right into your wedding decor — or at showers, parties, you name it! it’d work for a cocktail lounge, mimosa bar, champagne station … nom.

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 7.25.14

dip-dyed macrame hanger in mustard by studioraw

GAH, macrame is so 70s … and i LOVE it. studioraw’s hanging ombre-dyed planters come in several colors and shapes, so you get to choose your favorite! i like this golden one a lot.

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 3 | 7.25.14

porcelain tumbler in celadon blue by basakova

the pale blue hue of these porcelain cups is so delicate, it looks like the color of a very early morning sky. also available in celadon green :)