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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.16.14

shop: asecondtime
style: modern rose cut diamond ring

one more glimmery ring find for you guys from today’s shopstyle focus, asecondtime — a faceted, rose-cut golden diamond set in a modern, romantic and organic-looking gold setting that mixes yellow and white. i’m so in love!

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 9.16.14

shop: asecondtime
style: raw rough diamond earrings in silver-grey

your second find from asecondtime features their talent for raw diamond jewelry — these studs are set in a sterling silver claw style and sparkle with an earthy glow.

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 9.16.14

shop: asecondtime
style: retro vintage wedding ring

today’s shop focus goes to asecondtime, a canadian jewelry seller with a large focus on vintage pieces, rough diamonds, and more. this 1960’s band has a distinct art deco style — i’m totally loving the mixed metal band style and the delicate details.

etsyfindoftheday 7 | 9.15.14

shop: kertis
style: small speckled stoneware planter

rounding out your extra shopstyle feature tonight is a totally different offering from kertis — be sure to click through and check out their small handmade pottery planters, including this little speckled beaut. i love them all! a BIG thank you to kertis for having such a delightful shop to focus on this evening <3

etsyfindoftheday 7 | 9.15.14

shop: kertis
style: indigo-dyed linen shift dress

these days, i am ALL about the indigo. this pretty little shift dress from kertis features indigo-dyed linen in a vibrant cerulean hue … my sister would love it as much as i do, i’m sure!! also, how awesome is kertis’ product photography? the earthy plants make me swoon.

etsyfindoftheday 6 | 9.15.14

shop: kertis
style: art deco diamond foldover clutch

foldover clutches are a favorite here on EFOTD, especially when something about them is head-turning and special. this unique piece features luxe art deco-style fabric in a crushed velveteen diamond texture and deep aubergine hue. love.

etsyfindoftheday 5 | 9.15.14

shop: kertis
style: mixed media circles necklace

kertis’ focus on high-quality leather goods is what initially drew me in, but i continue to be impressed as i watch their product offering grow over time. this long, trendy necklace also looks high-quality and features a playful mix of geometric shapes and textures — an upcycled brass ring, a brass semicircle, hand-stitched leather looping, and a copper-plated chain combine beautifully.

etsyfindoftheday 4 | 9.15.14

shop: kertis
style: white leather envelope clutch

guys, i am having SO much fun with this new shopstyle posting format that i can’t help myself … i just have to feature ANOTHER shop this evening! this time, let’s focus on seller kertis, which i’ve featured several times already here on EFOTD. this white leather envelope clutch is accented by a minimal golden button — love the simplicity.

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.15.14

shop: railis
style: icelandic lava rocks

your third railis find for this fine monday is a packet of ‘magical’ lava stones — originating from northern iceland, these 2000-year-old stones would be a creative gift idea or souvenir from this seller’s home country. thanks for the fun finds today, railis!!

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 9.15.14

shop: railis
style: ‘modern’ word sign

another wooden decor item from iceland-based seller railis, but this listing is less rustic, more clean. the typography of the word reflects the word itself … modern indeed. i love the crisp lines and black hue of this interior design piece.

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 9.15.14

shop: railis
style: reclaimed driftwood coasters

thick slabs of driftwood are honed down, grouped into complementary 4-packs, and sold as coasters by icelandic etsy seller railis. you guys are most likely aware of my well-documented coaster obsession (1, 2) here on EFOTD, and these bad boys are a little unique compared to my normal featured coasters, so i thought they deserved some special recognition!

this week: SHOPSTYLE

hi followers!! this week, you’ll notice a bit of a change in the finds i’m posting daily … instead of gathering three random finds, this week i’m going to be sticking to one shop per day and showing off 3+ items from each shop i feature. i will probably pepper in ‘shopstyle’ weeks like this now and again for variety, but i wanted to give you a heads up since it’s a little different!! let me know what you think :)


hello new friends!!

i’m kristin, and i’m the blogger behind etsyfindoftheday. tumblr has been kind enough to feature EFOTD in a few spotlight locations today, meaning a lot of new eyes have been on the blog and there are a lot of new followers just joining in the fun. welcome — i hope you are liking things so far!!

the purpose of EFOTD is to feature well-run, professionally-styled etsy shops and sellers that resonate with my aesthetic. my background is in art and design, so i tend to ‘heart’ a lot of really beautiful finds, which i then write about for all of you!! it’s super fun for me, too :) i’ve been writing EFOTD since january 2011, so there’s a TON of stuff to peruse — i suggest using the search box in the lefthand popout nav (if you’re on a desktop) or checking out the archive.

i also love hearing your suggestions — if you have a favorite shop, or if you run your own shop, i’d love to hear about it! if i think the vibe fits with what’s featured here on etsyfindoftheday, you can bet you’ll see it here. or, if you need some help finding something specific, just submit a curation request. you can let me know what you think, any time, by writing in here.

THANK YOU so much for sharing in my little etsy obsession here on EFOTD — like i said, writing this blog really is fun for me, and it wouldn’t be the same without followers like you guys. thank you!! <3


ps: this is a pic of me giving my cats grizz and roger treats today. i am really really cool, obviously :)

etsyfindoftheday | 9.14.14

himmeli fig. 1 // brass air plant holder by handmadesammade

modern, bright and totally tube-ular, this air plant hanger is right up my alley. this celestial-shaped planter is called a ‘himmeli,’ coming from a swedish word for sky or heaven, and is made from brass tubes and wire with a leather lace for hanging. so mod. other styles available!

etsyfindoftheday | 9.13.14

a little extra birthday shout-out to my sister-in-law, kaia! the original KP is based in colorado with her manfriend austin and their cute puppy, ripplegirl. i miss you, kaia! i hope your happy birthday is the best one yet. lourve you!!

featured item: botanic birthday card in navy by clapclapdesign